The Bronx Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) is one of ten EOC's in New York State. All are fully funded by the State Legislature, and managed by the State University through Local State or City University branches. The Bronx EOC is administered by Bronx Community College of The City University of New York. Since 1987, Bronx EOC has served economically disadvantaged adults whose education level is inadequate for college admissions and/or entry into productive careers.

Each year, more than 1,000 students enroll in tuition free programs offered by the Bronx EOC which fall into three general areas:

  1. Occupational/Technical Prep.
  2. College Prep. and GED
  3. Basic Education

Students are given intensive training in the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to compete in today's job market.

The Bronx EOC's facility is a modern 43,000 square foot building tailored to its instructional needs. It is located in the Bathgate Industrial Park, which was built and is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The Mission

The Bronx EOC is an educational institution of the State University of New York, established to educate and train economically and educationally disadvantaged youth and adults in the Bronx communities. The center offers continuing, remedial and vocational education in a life-long learning process, in order to develop a skilled workforce for the future. In and through the educational activities, the center is also a force and a catalyst for community revitalization and total development of persons. 

We Believe in...

EOC values dignity and self-respect in every individual in the community. It believes that the disadvantaged people in the communities have a right to self-determination and power through higher education and greater participation in the society.  

History & Achievement

Established in 1985, and sponsored by Bronx Community college of The City University of New York, EOC shares the College’s mission to provide services that will prepare students for a life of independent and creative thinking, dignity, self-sufficiency and community participation. The EOC serves as a one stop provider of adult education and vocational training delivering academic, occupational and remedial instruction. Responding to the specific needs of the individuals, families and community, the EOC offers a more comprehensive group of support services that enhance education leading to employment and self-sufficiency.

The student population at the EOC is 100% economically disadvantaged, and 50% are high school dropouts, 30% TANF recipients, 40% are unemployed, 70% are women, a significant number of whom are single mothers, 43% of whom are Hispanic and 47% African-American. Every year the EOC serves an average of 1000 registered students and 2000 community residents. Annually about 250 graduates and community residents are placed in jobs.

The EOC ‘Goals 2010’ envisions and articulates the direction and the commitment of the institution towards its future: Quality Education (Process and Performance Improvement), Technology Infusion (in Teaching, Learning and Communication areas) and Community Partnership (Business-Education Alliances, Community Involvement and Networking).


Stephen H. Adolphus, Dean and Executive Director
Iris LeFebre, Administrative Assistant

Academic Affairs

Jacqueline Corcoran, Associate Director
Daniel Colon, Instructor
Jacqueline Corcoran, Instructor
Orestes de los Santos, Instructor
Shirley McArthur, Instructor
Christine Morales, Instructor
Santiago Villafane, Instructor
Elizabeth Mejia, Instructor
Alex Arkorful, ATTAIN Lab Manager
Yolanda Rodriguez, Internship Coordinator

Business Office

Deborah Osunbor, Assistant Director Budget and Finance
Victor (Tony) Vasquez, Custodial Supervisor
Edgar Zaroga, Custodian
Rafael Ortiz,Custodian
Rohan Kennedy, Computer Technician

Student Support Services

Gary W. Smith, Interim Associate Director for Student Support Services
Shay Askew, College Awareness Coordinator
Angela Milligan, Secretary
Shirley Nelson, Job Developer
Robin Christopher, Case Manager
Patricia Machuca, Employment Specialist/Case Manager
Irma Norman, Case Manager
Frank Munoz, Outreach Coordinator

Admissions Office

Melissa Pizarro, Admissions Clerk
Edith Lucas, Secretary

Bridge Program

Antony Parilal , BRIDGE Administrator
Holline King, Secretary
Aaron Karimakwanda, Job Developer
James Blackwell, Job Developer
Ernie Simpson, Case Manager


Program Development & Research

Irudayam Adaikalam,  Associate Director for Program Development & Research
David Smith, Computer Lab Tech
Mary Luz Navarro, Secretary

Dr. Maher Mobasher,  Marketing & Outreach


Bronx Educational Opportunity Center
Bathgate Industrial Park
1666 Bathgate Avenue
Bronx, New York 10457
(718) 530-7000